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Map of Moldova
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A grape-form country

Viticulture in Moldova is a secular tradition. The famous Moldovan wines are popular and well known in the world. They can be dry, sweet and strong; they have a bunch of varied flavors and colors. For wine we use European ranges: Sauvignon, Cabernet, Muscat, etc., and Moldovan: Feteasca, Rara Neagra, Moldova. In Moldovan wineries are organized wine tastings.

Moldova, some say, has the shape of grapes. Seems destined to master the mystery of wine and, not incidentally, is one of the few countries in the world that has an original Champagne license (invented by the famous monk Dom Perignon, France).

The vine is grown in these regions since the Neolithic era, for more than seven thousand years. Archaeological excavations have also revealed that 2500 years ago, the Greeks colonized the indigenous population familiar with procedures wineries. It is since that time they produce wine for personal consumption, but also for trade. In the Middle Age, large areas are reserved for vineyards, and they learn new winemaking technology. In the XIV century, began the wine exports to Poland and the Moscow region. During the period of Ottoman rule, the destination of exports is diversified, going to Ukraine and the East. In 1812, when Bessarabia was annexed by the Russian Empire, begins a new stage in the evolution of viticulture. The Russian nobles procured fiefs, where they planted the vine imported from France. details +