Les vins de l'estEast European WinesВина Восточной Европы

  The great blessing of some Eastern Europe countries is its wine. The wine is produced from ancient times. You cannot think of these countries without thinking of their distinctive wines, wine cellars dug deep in the ground, with their ornate entrances tempting you to come in for a relaxed tasting.

  It is a pride for their people to serve visitors with refreshing wine, which has unforgettable taste. These traditions were transferred from one century to another, from a father to a son that is why we can say that accumulated experience is the spiritual wealth, which East European people keep in the deep of the souls.

  And now we can offer you the wines from the Eastern Europe, known for its secular traditions in winemaking. Largely continental climate with hot summers and cold winters, the rich and fertile land, favorites to producing high quality wines.

  The producers chosen by “Tzar-Wines” invest heavily in technology and professional expertise to their vineyards. Their wines are aged in French oak barrels and continue to bottle aging.

The tradition is well preserved: manual harvesting and aging in oak barrels ensuring an authentic wine.

The wines can be dry, sweet or strong and have a mixed bouquet of flavors and colors.
The grapes used are the European varieties: Sauvignon, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Black, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Muscat ... as well as local: Feteasca, Dimiat, Misket Rkatsiteli for the whites, and  Rara Neagra, Bastardo, Pamid, Melnik and Mavrud for the reds.

   We invite you to explore this beautiful region of the Eastern Europe through the richness of its wines.